Amlul was born in 2019 by its founder and creative director, Gala González. The brand is based in the concepts of ‘seasonless’, made in Spain, responsible consumption and ethic production. Each garment is crafted for all those women looking for high quality, limited edition but affordable pieces. We don’t produce based on seasons and we don’t restock. There is just one chance to have our designs, and that opportunity is now
Gala is the founder and creative director of Amlul. Known as the first spanish fashion blogger she is one of the most relevant people of the industry. In 2019, Gala launched her own fashion brand. That’s how Amlul was born, using the same name of her blog, Gala created it, embodying her personal style. She is the best ambassador of the brand and at the same time, its best intern. Each piece, each design and each inspiration have her vision and essence. Together with friends and best talents, Gala makes Amlul a real and authentic brand


#NoMoreSeasons represents our key value: atemporality. Seasons don’t exist in Amlul, allowing us to live in permanent Resort. In our universe your daytime dress turns into your night time secret weapon. Every piece is conceived for those who permanently live in the Resort mode and who need their clothes to adjust to their lifestyle needs, from day to night. Fashion made easier.


Since its origin, Amlul has tried to transmit the importance of the responsible consumption and ethic production. Our commitment is to create continuous core pieces in the mainline collection, and regular Resort drops throughout the year. Our brand is spanish and that’s why we produce nationally. Our collections are entirely made in Spain, using the finest materials and incorporating timeless, versatile pieces 100% made in Spain.