amulette 12 June, 2014


Amulette Cartier

We all have big dreams and we all try to achieve them day after day by working hard, and Amulette by Cartier has been helping me to unlock my biggest wish in achieving all my dreams while travelling with me around the world. The truth is that is not about where I go or return to, but about the little everyday things that come along with me during all these adventures. Thats’ why since starting my new collaboration with Cartier (one of my ultimate favourite jewellery brands) Amulette has quickly become part of my everyday lucky charms. Discover now the whole collection here and check their Tumblr for daily updates. I’m wearing dress by Reformation and Carolina Herrera sandals while in Shanghai.

No es a donde voy o a donde regreso sino las pequeñas cosas que me acompañan en estos viajes diarios los que hacen que cada momento cobre un sentido diferente. Recientemente he incorporado a mi familia de joyas y amuletos este colgante de Cartier que se llama Amulette (si te ha gustado lo puedes encontrar en mas colores aquí). Llevo vestido de Reformation con sandalias Carolina Herrera durante mi ultima visita en Shanghai.


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